How to boost your Local SEO Rankings in Australia?

Every website owner tries to be the first on the search engine through SEO but this is not so easy, because to get on the search engine first, one has to follow the guidelines and some white hat activities. However, there are many black-hat (spam) activities available, because once you are affected by negative activity your ranking may be down.Getting local rankings is easy, but you need to do in-depth research to get your local rankings in less time. Because, in local SEO promotion, the competitors are less and to compete with these competitors you should follow many local SEO methods.

In this complete local SEO guide, we discuss the important factors of local SEO that can help you improve your online visibility.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is a type of SEO that helps in increasing the local ranking of any website. The primary focus of local SEO is to attract potential customers from a local area. A search engine result is based on local content such as local links, profile lists and social media posts. The search engine collects information from those websites in the results and appears in the results.

Local SEO helps businesses to increase their online presence and reach their potential customers. 

How Local SEO differs from SEO?

Local SEO targets a specific geographic area unlike SEO. The main objective of local SEO is to connect a business with its target customer within a geographic area. Local SEO also uses the same strategy as normal SEO.Typically Local SEO is best for businesses that service specific regions or have a physical location like local shop.

We are a professional SEO agency and we know the real scenarios of local rankings. We have several methods that will help your business achieve better rankings in the shortest possible time. Finally, we have mentioned several local SEO ranking factors here by our expert observation and in-depth online research that help you to develop your local business.

Start Building Your Local SEO Strategy

If you have a great website that serves your potential customers, then you want people to visit your site. Work through each of the following areas to create your local SEO strategy.

  • Google My Business Setup

Google My Business (GMB) is the first step to improving your local SEO.It is very popular for increasing your local search ranking and gaining rank on your favorite keywords. As you know Google is one of the best search engines in the world. So to promote your local brand in front of a local audience, it would be best to set up a GMB account.

Your Google My Business profile displays the information you submitted, including business details, contact details, services you provide, and opening times.Once you create your Google My Business profile, don’t forget to update it. You must ensure that it is kept up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Accurate and fresh information provides a positive experience for your potential customers.

Local Keyword Research

Keyword research is a primary activity of SEO. When you do SEO research for a local business it will be essential to include your local keywords. For example, what you should do if you want to target your business in Brisbane.

To start keyword research first you have to create your primary keywords for your Business. There are so many online tools are available to find the right keywords for your business but the best tool is Google Keyword Planner. This will help you find related and less competing keywords in your target city. For example, if you want to promote your business in Brisbane, there is an option in Keyword Planner, where you can select the city as Brisbane and get a list of keywords that trend in Brisbane.

On-page SEO

If you want to target local cities or states from your website, then you must add some things to your website. Search engines have several algorithms that detect the business in the target area.

Many things fall under common SEO practices within on-page SEO. Things like keywords, title tags, Meta descriptions, internal linking, page speed… the list goes on.

  • Meta title and description: When you target local cities such as Brisbane or Melbourne, you should include the name of your targeted city in the title and description tags so that Google is more aware of your target area and allows your keywords to appear locally.
  • Heading tags H1 and H2: Keep your city or region name in H2 or H2 tag so Google can automatically identify your service area.
  • Body: You should add your city name in the content and services area on the website. It also affects in local ranking.
  • Page URL Structure: Your website structure can play an important role in determining whether a page will rank for targeted keywords. A simple URL structure is recommended when creating many location-based pages. So always keep the URL structure clean and simple and add your city name at the end.

Local SEO Promotion & Off-page Activities

To rank on local keywords with high competition, you need to generate some valuable and relative backlinks from the local website. We know which activity is best for targeting local users and rankings. Here we have mentioned all the things.

Business Listing: It is more important to rank a business website in local areas. There are many free business listing websites available in Australia where you can connect your business and get a high ranking for your local business.

To find the best high authority website for a business listing you have to go to Google and search.

Here is some website –


These are some of Australia’s higher authority websites that add your business to their website, and with such promotions, you can increase your ranking locally.

Apart from business listing many activities are available to get higher rank in local search like Article Submission, Guest Posting, Photo & Video Submission, social bookmarking, classified submission, content marketing etc.

Online Reviews –Customer reviews have a greater impact on acquiring new customers. Therefore online reviews greatly influence the rank of a business; even businesses that do not respond to reviews receive a lower rank. According to our review, Google likes to respond to customer reviews on your Google My Business profile but you should respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Social Promotion

You can get a group of visitors on social media using the right strategy. Social media helps us to promote visitors and businesses globally. Social media is the most convenient way for a local business to gain a local audience.There are many social media websites available such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where you can get your target audience, but to get your target customers you need to strategize. By using these policies you can get valuable traffic.

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