7 hacks to increase your Google ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the things that is always important for your marketing strategy. SEO is about ranking your website and webpages. Achieving Page One ranking on Google is more difficult tasks today because all brands and small businesses also consider online marketing as their main sales channel.

Google’s search algorithms are always changing, it can be difficult to keep any website on top. Businesses adopt a variety of strategies to defeat their competitors on search engines because they cannot work on the same strategy for a long time. If you have to make your website highly popular which attracts a large number of potential customers, it is important that you follow certain SEO techniques.

Here are some ways to improve your ranking.

Get your URL on reputable sites

High authority backlinks are top Google ranking factors. Incoming links to your website from a high-authority domain indicate your site’s authority. This not only increases traffic to your website but also improves your search ranking.

There are some effective ways to get your website URL on such sites. Blog writing and posting is one of them. Provide your industry insights and opinions on other website blogs in exchange for a link to your site. Google will look at the organic and reliable way that your URL has appeared on external sites.

Optimize for Local Search

Search engine optimization has become an important part of marketing campaigns for businesses globally. Many websites available on Google who did not follow the latest search engine optimization algorithm were also penalized. So, if you are one of them, then it makes sense to outsource your website to a good SEO agency who can work with you, focus on your business’s local efforts, and help you. A good SEO agency can increase your ranking locally because website ranking is very important at the local level.

Setup Google My Business Page for local search engine optimization. By setup a Google page, you can get good results. After fixing the page you have to verify your phone, address, and website details and it is very important for local visibility. Putting customer reviews on your page and interacting regularly with customers will also help in increasing your brand visibility.

Design websites for mobile-first

Google gives more priority to the mobile version of a website because mobile is more used in today’s digital age. Companies need to first design SEO-friendly mobile websites with searches optimized for mobile in order to maximize Google rankings and minimize bounce rates.

Unique Content Optimization for SEO

It is no secret that the purpose of content marketing is to increase traffic and improve Google search rank. The more content a website has, the more easily it can optimize for a search engine. If you are writing high-quality content with 100% exclusivity then the reader spends more time on your website. If not, the number of visitors to the website will be reduced. So make sure that you are using all the right keywords while writing the content and that it is written keeping in mind the target audience.

Focus on quality over quantity and produce only high-quality, original content for the website. You can display content through a dedicated blog page. However, the blog piece must be posted to the blog at least once a week as it signals to Google that your website is ‘active’.

Use long-tail keywords

Focusing on long-tail keywords is a great SEO strategy. Long-tailed keywords get less search traffic, but usually have higher conversions because they are more specific. They allow you to gradually get more traffic and get new and motivated viewers. To get benefit from a long-tail keyword strategy, you must have a clear vision of your company, product, and website.

Improve Page Speed to Increase Conversion Rates

According to a survey, faster web pages increase conversion rates and user engagement. Therefore, if the speed of your website is low, it is possible that your website ranking will go down. Page speed is an important factor in achieving high rankings in search engine results.

As the technique is improving, the level of patience and attention span is getting very short. Today, people hope to get information within seconds and attract maximum visitors. So your website page speed should be at least

Large Content Page

Having enough content on your website is important for Google to crawl and analyze its relevance. Therefore your website pages should contain maximum words. Pages with 1500–2000 words always receive high rankings

But there is no such hard-fast rule for content. It is not necessary that you write 2000+ words for every page. Even a 300 to the 500-word page can sometimes get higher rankings. It all depends on your content. How much quality content is written on the page? A post with High-Ranking Keywords even provides a better ranking. So it is necessary to write quality content for your business website.


As we mentioned earlier, SEO is only as complex and time consuming as you make it. Yes, if it is done correctly, it is not so difficult. That is why here we have shared these SEO hacks with you. If you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to get a high ranking for your website as soon as possible.

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